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Last update: April 24 2014
This is a free, moderated service for Cook Islanders or others to post notices and to discuss subjects of relevance to the Cook Islands. Publication is at the whim and prejudices of the Brewmaster. Maori must be accompanied by an English translation. On any contentious or personal matter you will need to include your e-mail address. No messages will be published if received in capitals only or in lower case letters only or in abbreviated 'text speak'. Material will be edited if overlong, ungrammatical or boring. Postings will be kept until deemed no longer current (usually 30 days). E-mail

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April 24 2014
All religious beliefs stem from psychosis, it's just a matter of degree. Everyone knows that Americans are the nuttiest people on the planet and that is evidenced by the great number of so-called Christian oddball sects that sprang up in the USA over the past 200 years or so. There is no real cure for this psychosis but a good dose of Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins might alleviate the symptoms. Ben T.

April 24 2014
Ben, I am offended by your suggesting that my religious beliefs are grounded in psychosis. Let me tell you my friend, I have held the hand of a devil, It was warm in the night, I was cold as a stone. Some of us have knowledge that others do not so please don't knock it if you don't have it. Steve. K.

April 23 2014
I think that, finally, Steve K. has gone off the deep end. His religious ramblings show serious signs of brain damage and perhaps St Ignatius (whoever he is) is to blame. In the meantime, with more serious matters at hand, I see that Henry the Happy Wanderer is once more travelling the capitals of Europe attending conferences and living it up at the taxpayers' expense. This current Prime Minister must be a disciple of that well-known boulevardier from New Zealand, Winston Peters. I used to think that Norman George was his most fervent disciple but now I believe that Henry Puna has taken over that position. Ben T.

April 23 2014
I did not mean to be sexist in my last posting. In today's day and age, it is often the licentious woman who, speaking for an evil purpose, solicits a son or husband. In fact, I would say things are pretty much 50/50 these days. Steve K.

April 21 2014
Tony, from your advice and counsel my journey of discovery continues and I was reminded by Ignatius's Spiritual Exercises that after standing up to an argumentative woman, one must be careful in approaching a new and more suitable woman. Ignatius warns not to approach like the enemy: 'Likewise, he acts as a licentious lover in wanting to be secret and not revealed. For, as the licentious man who, speaking for an evil purpose, solicits a daughter of a good father or a wife of a good husband, wants his words and persuasions to be secret, and the contrary displeases him much, when the daughter reveals to her father or the wife to her husband his licentious words and depraved intention, because he easily gathers that he will not be able to succeed with the undertaking begun: in the same way, when the enemy of human nature brings his wiles and persuasions to the just soul, he wants and desires that they be received and kept in secret; but when one reveals them to his good Confessor or to another spiritual person that knows his deceits and evil ends, it is very grievous to him, because he gathers, from his manifest deceits being discovered, that he will not be able to succeed with his wickedness begun.' Steve K.

April 20 2014
Tony, I thought about what you said and in reading Saint Ignatius's Spiritual Exercises this morning I came across the following passage which settled the matter for me: 'The enemy acts like a woman, in being weak against vigor and strong of will. Because, as it is the way of the woman when she is quarrelling with some man to lose heart, taking flight when the man shows her much courage: and on the contrary, if the man, losing heart, begins to fly, the wrath, revenge, and ferocity of the woman is very great, and so without bounds; in the same manner, it is the way of the enemy to weaken and lose heart, his temptations taking flight, when the person who is exercising himself in spiritual things opposes a bold front against the temptations of the enemy, doing diametrically the opposite. And on the contrary, if the person who is exercising himself commences to have fear and lose heart in suffering the temptations, there is no beast so wild on the face of the earth as the enemy of human nature in following out his damnable intention with so great malice.' Steve K.

April 19 2014
Steve, sometimes, even when we are right, the best thing is to give in or give up to avoid confrontations specially if violence is imminent. Unfortunately there are always people in every race, island or community who are very inconsiderate, unfairminded and downright rude and stupid, and who will never accept your position even knowing they're wrong and you're right. The best policy is, just ignore them and move away, it's just not worth the hassles. It's not only Atiuans, there are a few in each island, even in Rarotonga and Rarotongans, I might add. Tony.

April 19 2014
Tony, I appreciate the information. I once watched a documentary about the US Navy Seals and how they are trained to pick up and use any weapon they may find on the ground in any given confrontational situation and it made me wonder whether Atiuans had received the same type of training. It seems to me when you tell some Atiuans that what they have done is wrong, you better make sure there are no potential weapons lying about on the ground nearby! Even when they are, in fact, wrong! I have found it absolutely impossible to win an argument with an Atiuan, even when I am entirely in the right. Steve K.

April 18 2014
Steve, not long ago, Rarotongans were renowned to have a lot of prejudices against outer islanders but specially those in the northern group. A lot of them, for example, perceive Penrhyn islanders as troublemakers and short-tempered people. There may be some truth in that perception but these days, thanks to Penrhyn string bands like Sunset Special, Sumaringa Boys, Tongareva Five, and artists like Brother Love, because of their popular Penhryn music, a lot of the prejudices and negative attitudes towards Penrhyn islanders have diminished over the past 20 years. Tony.

April 18 2014
I am curious to get both a Rarotongan and outer islander perspective on what I have heard and experienced concerning the differences between Rarotongans and outer islanders. When I worked in Raro I was advised by more than one Rarotongan with university degrees to be very careful dealing with outer islanders because they were different, more brutal and cunning than Rarotongans. In my own experience I have found Rarotongans consistently first world in attitude and demeanor, but have found some outer islanders to be indeed brutal and mean, specially when angry, even when unjustifiably angry. Anyone out there have an opinion or explanation for me? Steve K.

April 12 2014
Kuki Boy, how could the men be greedy when the money goes to the Government or doesn't go to the Government. It doesn't go to them. Steve K.

April 10 2014
Yes, Steve. I know the law is the law is the law. But that doesn't stop it from being an ass nor the lawmakers from being utterly stupid. Look at the latest idiocy. Cruise ships no longer wanting to call in at Rarotonga because the passengers will have to pay $65 departure tax if the ship stays in port for more than 24 hours! Who drafted that, and then idiots voted to pass it! To balance that they are going to allow visitors to drive as long as they have an overseas licence. They're just a bunch of greedy little men looking to get revenue without working for it. Kuki Boy.

April 6 2014
Yes, Kuki Boy, better to enforce the law going forward than to overcompensate for past lax enforcement with retroactive enforcement. It is a shame though that the law was not enforced consistently in the past. The law is the law, Kuki Boy, and it's what keeps us from mayhem and destruction. Steve K.

April 5 2014
Amazingly heartening to see Puna's bully boy finally backing down from Grey Power and agreeing to give back the money they took illegally from pensioners' bank accounts. Is the thought of an approaching election and a backlash from older citizens the main reason for it? Hmm. Kuki Boy.

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