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December 21 2016
I know this subject has been raised before but nothing has developed yet. What is the matter with our Government? Why can no-one see that encouraging Kiwis to retire to the Cook Islands would bring large sums of mpney here. Henry Puna and his disciples keep rambling on about our declining population. Well, for heaven's sake do something about it! Since Cook Islanders are automatically citizens of New Zealand our Government should put some pressure on the new Minister for Pacific Peoples in New Zealand (a Cook Islander!) to allow Kiwis to bring their pensions here. They would provide very useful funds into this country as well as stimulating investment in better medical care for all. If it cannot be done at least explain why. Get with it Puna! Kuki Boy.

December 9 2016
I too am shocked and dismayed hearing of the sharp decline of the Muri lagoon. Kuki Boy and Ben, please start a movement, with a dedicated website, to get the lagoon back in top shape. That is my retirement destination, my precious lagoon. Steve K.

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