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April 6 2015
Well, well. It seems God is not giving up the fight to stop flights to Aitutaki on Sundays. Locals are continuing to be worked up over this issue (after six years!) and want to ban them because 'businesses should not operate on Sundays'. Slippery old Henry Puna has promised to run a referendum on the question but the vote will be nation-wide not just Aitutakians. Of course, the man who threw a bag of coins into the lagoon some years ago because they had Tangaroa on the back (idol worship) does not want all Cook Islanders to vote on the issue. Go Teina Bishop! Ben T.

April 3 2015
I have a sister called Margret. She and I have the same father, Malcolm McNeill. He has a Scottish background. I was raised in New Zealand, Margret was raised in Rarotonga by her Cook Islands mother's parents (Margret's grandparents). Margret's full brother Donald was raised by Tom Hope and he went to school in Otara, Auckland. I do not know Margret's last name but I do wish to contact her. If you have any information, please send an e-mail to Kaiou@xtra.co.nz - Attention: McNeill Reunion.

March 11 2015
I read the CI News online articles about concerns about New Zealand spying on the Cook Islands with amusement. The CI should be far more concerned with spying on the part of that other, larger nation, that has been so 'generous' to the Cook Islands these past several years. Recall what Frederick Marryat, in Peter Simple, 1833, stated: 'A little bird has whispered a secret to me.' After all, God employs birds to spy for angels who report to Him details on daily events on earth, to include the works and progress of his Enemy, Satan. Why shouldn't New Zealand do the same thing? Steve K.

March 5 2015
Well, finally that New Zealand company Telecom (now known as Spark) has decided to pull out of the Cook Islands and sell its 60 per cent share to a Samoan company. The new owners could scarcely do a worse job. Let's hope that their rapacity will be less than their predecessors. Of course the Government still owns 40 per cent and that could mean pressure on the new owner to keep prices rising. Let's hope not. Ben T.

February 28 2015
I am passionately fond of collecting of stamped picture postcards with whole stamp and postmark. My aim is to collect postcards from all states/countries all over the world. I have such postcards from 197 different countries up to now. Unfortunately I don't have such a postcard from the Cook Islands. Is there a possibility to receive a postcard from you? Or, do you know anybody whom I can contact to be realise my wish? The postcard can be used. It does not have to be addressed to me. My contact data: gunter.hahn@gmx.de

February 23 2015
My family and I are thinking of relocating to Rarotonga. I was wondering if anyone can give me an idea of housing costs in Avarua. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Please e-mail me at atdougan@hotmail.com. Thank you! Adam.

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