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Last update: September 2 2016
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September 2 2016
I am considering a move to Rarotonga. Of course, I've been looking at various websites about living and working there, but I would love to hear from anyone who has made the move and get a first-hand, personal account of things like steps you had to take, finding a place to live, daily living, things you didn't expect, etc. You can e-mail me directly at cjhaugen4008@live.com. Cheers! Carrie.

August 20 2016
Have you moved to The Cook Islands recently? Would you like to share your story? I'm an Australian-based producer/director with US TV show House Hunters International, the most popular property show in the world. We are always looking for energetic individuals, couples or families to share their stories about moving abroad. If chosen for the show contributors will receive $1500 USD or a free flight back to their original destination. Taking part in the show is great fun (we make sure of that!) and a fantastic opportunity to get a professionally shot record of this exciting time in their life. If you would like to see an episode there are a whole host on our parent Channel HGTV?s website. I've attached a link below. Hope to hear from you! David Holroyd dhol@me.com Producer: House Hunters International www.davidholroyd.net

July 21 2016
See what I mean Archie? I haven't read all the crap he just wrote, I switched off as soon as I saw the words 'St Ignatius'. Now you know why America has gone to the dogs and is being overrun by moronic God-botherers as well as followers of Donald Trump. Ben T.

July 21 2016
Ben, I ask you to consider the writings of Saint Ignatius. Particularly, his Meditation on Two Standards: The one of Christ, our Commander-in-chief and Lord and the other of Lucifer, mortal enemy of our human nature. Christ calls and wants all under His standard and Lucifer, on the contrary, under his. Ask for knowledge of the deceits of the bad chief and help to guard myself against them, and for knowledge of the true life which the supreme and true Captain shows. The first point is to imagine the chief of all the enemy seated himself in that great field of Babylon, as in a great chair of fire and smoke, in shape horrible and terrifying. The second point is to consider how he issues a summons to innumerable demons and how he scatters them, some to one city and other to another, and so through all the world, not omitting any provinces, places, states, nor any persons in particular. The third point is to consider the discourse which he makes them, and how he tells them to cast out nets and chains. These nets and chains manifest themselves in relationships between races and civilisations, Ben. It just so happens that the white man has developed and controls the vast majority of superior weaponry and has, sadly, historically used superior weaponry to dominate, control, and spitefully use dark men. It's a simple historical fact. It's a historical fact that has given rise to more subtle or covert forms of subjugation I state these facts as a white man to whom the Lord has shown the truth. I believe in the Kingdom Come. Then all the colors will bleed into one. However, in the meantime, Ben, might will continue to facilitate racial prejudice. I'm just sorry I won't see you on the other side, my friend, Ben. Steve K.

July 21 2016
Oh dear. Archie I can see you have not experienced Steve before. You need to realise that Steve cannot follow a line of argument but always bends it towards either racism or Christianity. No matter how clearly you state your case Steve will always 'Trump' you with his own theories. You will notice that he never addressed the question you raised about why Cook Islands fall behind Samoans, Tongans, Indians and Chinese in the economy of New Zealand. If you asked the question in Rarotonga they would giggle and say it's because they are lazy. New Zealanders are not unusually racist about Polynesian islanders, Maoris yes but not islanders. My theory about their economic status is that they have been cushioned for a long time by their income from tourism and that they have automatic access to New Zealand. They may well be working there but so are the Samoans. Ben T.

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