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Tumunu - Bulletin Board of the Cook Islands

Last update: September 28 2014
This is a free, moderated service for Cook Islanders or others to post notices and to discuss subjects of relevance to the Cook Islands. Publication is at the whim and prejudices of the Brewmaster. Maori must be accompanied by an English translation. On any contentious or personal matter you will need to include your e-mail address. No messages will be published if received in capitals only or in lower case letters only or in abbreviated 'text speak'. Material will be edited if overlong, ungrammatical or boring. Postings will be kept until deemed no longer current (usually 30 days). E-mail

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September 28 2014
The thing that is really concerning is whether the CIP are going to do something about the ridiculous situation we have with all these tinpot little atolls with virtually no population but with an automatic seat in the Parliament. It's long past time to allocate seats on the basis of population, not geography. Kuki Boy.

September 28 2014
Yes, well it was more hope than anything else. Mind you, the shenanigans in Tongareva reminds one of old Albert Henry, the consummate vote-rigger himself, when he imported overseas resident Kukis to vote for him! Ben T.

September 28 2014
Front up Ben T. You dupped yourself in as a fortune teller. Litutu.

September 12 2014
Hey there Ben T, We're still waiting for the 'impending collapse' of the CIP from this election as you predicted. Lately, the CIP have managed to win their petitions or should we say 'the Demos lost theirs'. Not only that, Demo Leader Wilkie Rasmussen lost his seat in Penrhyn and it looks like Norman George's allegations against Rose Brown won't stick. If anything, it's the Demos that have collapsed with no leader and the potential loss of senior MPs and the chance to take over for the next four years. It also looks like the leadership is up for grabs and there are lots of people interested. Contenders include Captain Tama, Jimco Beer, Aunty Mau, and never rule out Jim Beam Marurai from making a comeback. Exciting times ahead for the Demos as they rebuild the party around the remaining MPs. Aere Ki Mua Demos. Ol Tang.

September 3 2014
On various occasions I've heard Cook Islanders say that the Tahitian tamure and drumming actually came from the Cook Islands in the 1960s. Is anyone familiar with this history? Who took these art forms to Tahiti and why? Vai Rua.

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Revised: September 28 2014