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Last update: September 28 2018
This is a free, moderated service for Cook Islanders or others to post notices and to discuss subjects of relevance to the Cook Islands. Publication is at the whim and prejudices of the Brewmaster. Maori must be accompanied by an English translation. On any contentious or personal matter you will need to include your e-mail address. No messages will be published if received in capitals only or in lower case letters only or in abbreviated 'text speak'. Material will be edited if overlong, ungrammatical or boring. Postings will be kept until deemed no longer current (usually 30 days). E-mail
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Brewmaster: Please note that we will not publish messages which are not punctuated or those written in 'stream-of-consciousness' style with phrases separated only by a series of full stops. They take too much time to sub-edit and render into English. Also, note the guidelines above concerning Maori and capital letters.

September 28 2018
Would appreciate it if anyone has a recipe for bread poke they would like to share. James at jtimcallister@msn.com

September 24 2018
I am writing to you regarding this yearÕs Commonwealth Short Story Prize, in the hope that you will be able to promote the opportunity in the Cook Islands. The Prize is for the best piece of unpublished short fiction (2,000 - 5,000 words); five regional winners receive £2,500 and the overall winner receives £5,000. As well as being open to entries in English and translated into English from any language, it is the only literary prize in the world where entries can be submitted in Bengali, Chinese, Kiswahili, Malay, Portuguese, Samoan and Tamil. This year we are eager to encourage submissions from individuals who are less aware of the opportunity. I would be very grateful if you would draw the attention of relevant writers and institutions to the Prize. More entries from writers in the Cook Islands and more broadly the Pacific will help to bring a more inclusive range of narratives to the attention of an international audience. We have had regional winning stories from Fiji and, last year, Samoa, and are keen to build on this foundation. I would also be grateful for any other contacts in your region who may promote the Prize. Full information on how to enter can be found at: Website

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