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Last update: April 20 2016
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April 20 2016
Some time ago I  found that  there were very early  documents of the Atiuan and some Rarotongan language lodged in an  American  library.  A man named Zahimine a teacher of Atiuans  at Patutoa, Tahiti, had collected the  language along with some Rarotongan  words as well. A church missionary had taken the documents to the USA. where they are now in a library there.   I had a copy  sent me by my request.  They were photographed by an  academic friend.   They need to be enhanced. I sent a copy to Paumoni Tangata at Auckland  to see whether he could do something with them.  However he sadly passed away prior to doing anything. Is there any person in Rarotonga  interested in doing anything? Tony Monteith.

March 7 2016
Something I noticed recently when I was in Auckland, there are almost no death notices for islanders (Samoans, Cook Islanders) in the New Zealand Herald anymore. Plenty for Maori though. I wonder why this is? Is it because they don't go to funeral directors in order to save money and are burying or cremating the bodies themselves on the cheap? A. Pelargo.

February 27 2016
Are Cook Islanders a little resentful towards New Zealanders who live and work in their country, because they think the New Zealanders are taking their jobs? Or does it depend on the attitude of the person in question? Michael Lowry.

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