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Last update: December 9 2016
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December 9 2016
I too am shocked and dismayed hearing of the sharp decline of the Muri lagoon. Kuki Boy and Ben, please start a movement, with a dedicated website, to get the lagoon back in top shape. That is my retirement destination, my precious lagoon. Steve K.

November 16 2016
Yes Ben, there is something desperately wrong with our Government. I see that the ex-Minister of Marine Resources is appealing his jail sentence of three years for corruption for taking money from some fishing company. Isn't this the same Minister who once took a bag of coins out in a boat on Aitutaki lagoon and threw it over the side because the coins had an image of Tangaroa on the back? He didn't like that because Tangaroa was an 'idol'! It would have been all right though if the image had been Jesus. Kuki Boy.

November 16 2016
What? There is only one person out of the country at present (IMPORTANT person that is) and guess who it is? Yes, that's right, it's Playboy Henry. And where is he? In a place of enormous importance to the Cook Islands - Morocco. Most of the people in the Cook wouldn't even know where Morocco is. But Henry does. He'll tell us all about it when he gets back. Ben T.

October 31 2016
In the past week three different Kiwis have told me that they were shocked and very disappointed by the state of the water in the lagoon at Muri. Dirty and nasty looking. Come on Henry! Why don't you bend your tiny mind towards this problem instead of jaunting around the world all the time. This has huge repercussions for our tourist income. What is wrong with the Government? Ben T.

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