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Last update: November 24 2015
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November 24 2015
Continue to vigorously protest the exploitation of our natural resources, e.g. fisheries; these business entities have no conscience when committing worldwide colonialist agendas. Tekii Joseph.

November 15 2015
Bad news that the Government is looking at allowing Spanish fishing purse seine net fishing boats into our waters. The Spanish have already ravaged the Atlantic and Mediterranean and now want to get at our skipjack tuna. Apparently this could have severe side effects on our big-eye tuna stocks. A. Pelargo.

October 28 2015
Hello, I'm in school for advanced culinary arts and doing a big project on the Cook Islands. I have a question about what spices and herbs are grown locally and used a lot. i cannot find this information on the internet. Chaz Hood mr.Hood619@gmail.com

October 28 2015
Good morning. I'm trying to track down my cousin Terry or Terence Saint. He was a Councillor on the island for some years. I know that he is now dead but he did leave a wife and son. Hoping that you can help even if it's just the date of his passing and any details of that. Yours in hope, Jeanie Brown cousin and family member.
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October 19 2015
So the Police are looking again at making compulsory the wearing of helmets for scooter and motorcycle riders. But they are too scared to just go ahead and recommend a law change which would make it compulsory. Why is this? The Cooks have one of the highest accident rates in the world for motorbike accidents (I think Eritrea beats us). What is the problem with making it compulsory? One school of thought says the helmets are too expensive for our poor downtrodden scooter riders. Really? The other says the mamas are the problem because they don't want to put helmets on in case they spoil their hairdos, hats and eis. What else could cause this reluctance to compel people to protect themselves? Kuki Boy.

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