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Last update: February 1 2016
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February 1 2016
Am visiting next school holidays with scootering-mad young teenage boy. If he brought his scooter is there anywhere he could scooter on Rarotonga? I know, I've told him there's snorkelling, kayaking, etc. patliz22@gmail.com Liz.

January 15 2016
Jetstar will be flying to Rarotonga beginning March. I have been shopping around for prices. One travel agent quoted me $900 to $1000. Flight Centre advertised flights one way $269. Air New Zealand just advertised return flights $603. This is what I was saying. They all say a price then add on the extras. When i queried the prices they said the magic word was 'from'. So I'm asking, which are the best travel agents to deal with? Derek Graham.

January 13 2016
I'm surprised that your correspondent looking for cheap flights to the Cook Islands seems to have such a wide range of choices. So far as I know there are only two airlines flying to Rarotonga, Air New Zealand and Virgin (Pacific Blue?). Kuki Boy.

January 11 2016
I'm planning a trip back to the Cooks early next year and looking up sites to get air fares etc. Lots of cheap flights advertised but when you look into them further they are just a ploy because there are always the added extras. My question is if you were to book flights who do you normally deal with and get the best service?

January 2 2016
I quite agree with Archie P. Even worse, the two Ps (Puna and Ponia) have sold us down the drain with the deal to allow the Spanish to purse seine net our fish. The Spanish are famous in Europe for raping the seas of fish and now they are going to do it to our tuna too. Ponia says it will bring $9 million dollars a year to our Government's coffers. So what? What will it be spent on? Political jaunts around the world for our Government Ministers. I think it's time for New Zealand to stop giving $25 million a year in aid to the Cook Islands. Maybe that would wake our people up to the shameful things being done to them. Ben T.

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