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Tumunu - Bulletin Board of the Cook Islands

Last update: December 18 2014
This is a free, moderated service for Cook Islanders or others to post notices and to discuss subjects of relevance to the Cook Islands. Publication is at the whim and prejudices of the Brewmaster. Maori must be accompanied by an English translation. On any contentious or personal matter you will need to include your e-mail address. No messages will be published if received in capitals only or in lower case letters only or in abbreviated 'text speak'. Material will be edited if overlong, ungrammatical or boring. Postings will be kept until deemed no longer current (usually 30 days). E-mail

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Brewmaster: Please note that we will not publish messages which are not punctuated or those written in 'stream-of-consciousness' style with phrases separated only by a series of full stops. They take too much time to sub-edit and render into English. Also, note the guidelines above concerning Maori and capital letters.

December 18 2014
Ben T. That was an extremely witty post. Steve K.

December 10 2014
One wonders how inept our Government Ministers really are. Reading about Mark Brown wanting to educate the general public on 'anti-corruption' sounds like a skit on a satirical show. Really Mr Brown! Is it necessary to educate the public on 'anti-corruption'? It is absurd. It's the government and public servants who need education on this not the guy in the taro patch. It's like educating starving Zimbabweans on how not to become like their loathsome Prime Minister Robert Mugabe. Ben T.

December 8 2014
Thanks, Brewmaster, for another year of faithful service. It gives those of us far away from the Islands to engage, inform, and be informed. It's a really nice service you provide and God bless you for providing it. Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you and all posters. Steve K.

December 6 2014
Yes Brewmaster, I heartily endorse Tony's wishes. You do a great job. It's just a pity at the moment that there is nothing much happening on Raro. Once the result for Mitiaro is settled activity may start again. Mind you, nothing happening no doubt suits Playboy Puna. Kuki Boy.

December 5 2014
Kia orana Brewmaster. Thank you for informing, entertaining and educating us here on Tumunu. Another year is coming to an end as we look forward to a new one in just a matter of weeks. I would like to wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and happy New Year. May the new year bring you good fortunes and prosperity. To all contributors to this website and all Cook Islanders all over the globe, merry Christmas and happy New Year to you all too. Enjoy the festive season and be kind to each other. All the best. Meitaki maata e kia manuia. Tony .

October 24 2014
Kuki Boy, how dare you call me a post-moderinist liberal in a public forum. I am a politically conservative fundamentalist Christian who simply wants the Cook Islands landowners and government to make billions of dollars leasing lands on the outer islands to wealthy individuals and businesses when all other places in the world have gone about 150 years. If you don't want the outer islands people to have representation then don't subject them to taxation. Are you trying to start the American Revolution in the Cook Islands? You may be more book learnt than me on many matters, but I know the outer islands would not be as well preserved without representation in Raro. Steve K.

October 23 2014
Sorry Steve. As usual your post-modern liberalism is way off course. It's purely a matter of numbers, not value. If it were Suwarrow they would have a Member of Parliament as well as Waiheke Island in Auckland and Lord Howe Island off Australia's east coast. The fewer the people the fewer the representation. Kuki Boy.

October 19 2014
Merriam-Webster's Dictionary defines the word 'Tin-Pot' as 'of little worth or importance'. Therefore, Kuki Boy, your statement did go beyond sophisticated political theories concerning democracy and representation. My point was that the outer islands are of much worth and importance and will be more so in future. Therefore, it's a good thing they have direct representation in Parliament. Now, mind you, I do believe that each outer island should have only one Member. Steve K.

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Revised: December 18 2014