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August 20 2016
Have you moved to The Cook Islands recently? Would you like to share your story? I'm an Australian-based producer/director with US TV show House Hunters International, the most popular property show in the world. We are always looking for energetic individuals, couples or families to share their stories about moving abroad. If chosen for the show contributors will receive $1500 USD or a free flight back to their original destination. Taking part in the show is great fun (we make sure of that!) and a fantastic opportunity to get a professionally shot record of this exciting time in their life. If you would like to see an episode there are a whole host on our parent Channel HGTV?s website. I've attached a link below. Hope to hear from you! David Holroyd dhol@me.com Producer: House Hunters International www.davidholroyd.net

July 21 2016
See what I mean Archie? I haven't read all the crap he just wrote, I switched off as soon as I saw the words 'St Ignatius'. Now you know why America has gone to the dogs and is being overrun by moronic God-botherers as well as followers of Donald Trump. Ben T.

July 21 2016
Ben, I ask you to consider the writings of Saint Ignatius. Particularly, his Meditation on Two Standards: The one of Christ, our Commander-in-chief and Lord and the other of Lucifer, mortal enemy of our human nature. Christ calls and wants all under His standard and Lucifer, on the contrary, under his. Ask for knowledge of the deceits of the bad chief and help to guard myself against them, and for knowledge of the true life which the supreme and true Captain shows. The first point is to imagine the chief of all the enemy seated himself in that great field of Babylon, as in a great chair of fire and smoke, in shape horrible and terrifying. The second point is to consider how he issues a summons to innumerable demons and how he scatters them, some to one city and other to another, and so through all the world, not omitting any provinces, places, states, nor any persons in particular. The third point is to consider the discourse which he makes them, and how he tells them to cast out nets and chains. These nets and chains manifest themselves in relationships between races and civilisations, Ben. It just so happens that the white man has developed and controls the vast majority of superior weaponry and has, sadly, historically used superior weaponry to dominate, control, and spitefully use dark men. It's a simple historical fact. It's a historical fact that has given rise to more subtle or covert forms of subjugation I state these facts as a white man to whom the Lord has shown the truth. I believe in the Kingdom Come. Then all the colors will bleed into one. However, in the meantime, Ben, might will continue to facilitate racial prejudice. I'm just sorry I won't see you on the other side, my friend, Ben. Steve K.

July 21 2016
Oh dear. Archie I can see you have not experienced Steve before. You need to realise that Steve cannot follow a line of argument but always bends it towards either racism or Christianity. No matter how clearly you state your case Steve will always 'Trump' you with his own theories. You will notice that he never addressed the question you raised about why Cook Islands fall behind Samoans, Tongans, Indians and Chinese in the economy of New Zealand. If you asked the question in Rarotonga they would giggle and say it's because they are lazy. New Zealanders are not unusually racist about Polynesian islanders, Maoris yes but not islanders. My theory about their economic status is that they have been cushioned for a long time by their income from tourism and that they have automatic access to New Zealand. They may well be working there but so are the Samoans. Ben T.

July 20 2016
Archie, I've witnessed a High Court justice calculate a damages award to a disfigured Maori female accident victim, after attributing a 95 per cent liability fault to the white defendant, that clearly demonstrated how little white colonialists value dark-skinned peoples. The racial prejudice was clear as a bell. Steve K.

July 20 2016
Steve, I think you're on the wrong track here. Racial prejudice is not the reason for Cook Islanders being bottom of the econpmic heap in New Zealand. The average Kiwi barely knows the difference between Samoans, Tongans and Kukis. Maoris don't even come into this picture. No, the reason for poor economic performance by Cook Islanders in New Zealand os not because of racial prejudice. There is some other, deeper reason and I would love to know what it is. Archie P.

July 20 2016
Archie, one early evening on the way to a rugby match, I had one of my CI Maori mates on the back of my motorbike in Raro. We passed the High Commissioner's residence and I commented to him: 'What a nice house'. He responded to my comment with a derogatory statement about New Zealanders. I asked him why he felt that way. He stated: 'They think we are a bunch of animals'. He had lived in New Zealand until he was well into primary school and, apparently, his perceptions were formed young and perhaps reinforced through interactions in the CI. Perhaps others perceive as he does? Perhaps that is the reason why CIs don't do well economically in NZ? I certainly don't know for sure, but I do know from his statements to me that evening that his feeling ran deep. Steve K.

July 19 2016
Hmm. I didn't say they were unemployed, just that they are at the bottom of the economic heap. By the way, the USA is not all sunshine and roses either. I have just checked the US employment stats and they say 'Nationally, unemployment is about 5 per cent, down from 10 per cent in 2009. But for black Americans, the unemployment rate is much higher - for them the economy is still a disaster. Unemployment among blacks was 9.5 per cent during the third quarter of 2015 compared to only 4.5 per cent for whites.' In any case, there are thousands of Polynesians in New Zealand from Samoa, Tonga and all over the Pacific. Cook Islanders still come last. Archie P.

June ly 2016
I'm not sure why Cook Islanders are at the bottom of the economic heap, Archie, but I have a theory. When I moved to Auckland in 2000, I bought a new desktop computer down on Queen Street from an Indian national. He came over to install it and hung out for a while to chat. He told me he was a licensed engineer in India with a university degree. He also told me that he was finding it impossible to get a professional engineering job because the European Kiwis simply didn't like Indians and seldom hired them. Not sure if that is true, but if it is, it may just be that the Europeans in New Zealand don't give dark-skinned people equal opportunity to succeed. I did notice, however, that most of the organisations I interacted with did have a token Maori, Indian, and Asian or two, just for show? Over here in the US, dark-skinned people are fully integrated in our economy and are seldom denied economic opportunity. We go out of our way to make sure that is the case. Steve K.

July 2016
Does anyone have any sensible theories as to why Cook Islanders in New Zealand are at the bottom of the economic heap? Is it because they have depended too long on having automatic citizenship of New Zealand or is it because there is something fundamentally hopeless about them? Surely not. Archie P.

June 26 2016
Disappointing but not unexpected to see that the Playboy of the Pacific (our PM) has survived yet another attempt to displace him and to curtail his jaunting around the world at our expense. Oh well, c'est la view. Maybe it will finally end at the next election. Roll on! Kuki Boy.

June 14 2016
What? You mean you don't know how to do your own dentistry? Looks like back to school for you then, unless you'd prefer to just learn about it yourself at home, maybe using the internet. If you're using the internet - which obviously you are - then you're already doing the kind of home education of which I speak, but you are not necessarily maximising its educational potential because you think you need to pay someone $2000 per semester to give you a recommended reading list. This website is a great Cook Islands school, with a great reading list. I recommend adding to that list: (i) The Explorers of The Pacific, by Geoffrey Badger, and (ii) The Habitations of Man In All Ages, by Viollet-Le-Duc. Paul Case.

June 10 2016
How does the home-taught child get along when he has to have dental surgery or an operation? Will the father of the family just read up on how to do it to save using a professional? What utter tripe! Ben T.

June 10 2016
To Ben's point, what becomes of the children who live with parents who don't have the ability to acquire the requisite skills to teach, for example, basic grammar skills or basic maths? Perhaps the public schools do indeed serve an important role in ensuring opportunity for literacy for all? Steven Kurker.

June 9 2016
Definitely weird, which is why it would work better than 'western' industrialised methods. TEACH PARENTS TO TEACH THEIR OWN. It's cheaper, yet has wider, deeper and more sustainable social impact. It raises the educational standards of everyone at the same time, rather than stealing children and alienating them from their own families. Alcohol abuse is a separate problem, which is easily solved by making this poison illegal (except by medical prescription), but people with vested interests always oppose this obviously simple solution. Wise Australian Aboriginal communities have already proven this to be true. It can be managed more effectively than infamous US 'prohibition' era. As for land rights, 'freehold title' is effectively a 'perpetual lease'. It may be more straightforward for CI to institute a PERPETUAL LEASE option, rather than a complicated freehold system (even my suggestion was quite complicated). In any case, they don't want to end up with an even more complicated dual system like Fiji is stuck with. Paul Case.

June 9 2016
Ben, you are overly harsh. Home schooling done properly coupled with selective social interaction can well produce a better adult than public schools. The key determinant is the parent's level of commitment, knowledge, skills, and abilities in traditional school subject matter and social development tactics. What is your need to insult Mr Case's thoughts and ideas based upon, in truth? If everything is wrong, Ben, what is right? How can there be wrong if you see no right? 'There's battle lines being drawn Nobody's right if everybody's wrong. Young people speaking their minds. Getting so much resistance from behind.' (Buffalo Springfield) Stop, Ben, here that sound. Steve Kurker.

June 8 2016
Yes, fascinating all right! Heavily weird though. Can you imagine the Cook Islands with every home a school with father as a principal. I suppose he could fit it in with sitting out in tha garage on top of a huge pile of Steinlager cartons. With nobody able to read though it would be difficult to keep up with the Cook Islands News and difficult to fill in the voting paper. Ben T.

June 8 2016
You have a fascinating perspective, Mr. Case. Wonderful ways of thinking. Steve Kurker.

June 7 2016
Road accidents are prevented by building better education (licensing), roads and vehicles; not hospitals. Industrial hospitals are often epicentres of illness, instead of houses of healing. The CI locals deserve better: EVERY HOUSE A HOSPICE with clean energy, food (includes water), clothing and shelter. And information. They don't need industrial 'schools' either. EVERY HOME A SCHOOL with father as principal, mother as teacher, and the house equipped with its own education technology, which includes information and communication. They don't need industrial 'sport' either. Real adventure is at their doorstep and in their blood, and is a major reason why foreign tourists are attracted to their environment. Why downgrade to animistic gladiatorial pyramid building? EXPLORE AND ENJOY ECOLOGY, not compel combatant conflict. Prevention is better than cure, and more affordable, and promotes a better quality of life for the whole of society, rather than a mere mechanical quantity of life for a few colonial 'retirees', or reckless tourists. Paul Case.

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