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September 8 2015
I see the Government has woken up to the problem that there are not enough teachers in the Cook Islands and is desperately looking for ways to attract more of them. The answer is surely quite simple. Pay them more! Instead of spending up big on travel junkets for Playboy Henry and other Ministers to go jaunting around the world to perfectly useless conferences why don't they tighten their belts and use the money for a good purpose? Ben T.

July 31 2015
Hello! Greetings from California, United States! My father, myself and my grandfather visited the islands of Rarotonga and Aitutaki in 1995 for four weeks. We stayed at Ariana Bungalows, had breakfast every morning at Grandma Josie's, went to the CICC on Sundays! Best trip of my life! Here is my question. I have been trying to find this creamy grape soda called Viora, not sure if I'm spelling it correctly, for years and years! I can't find it anywhere online (or otherwise) so I thought I would try this way! My grandfather is very elderly and I would love to give this to him for Christmas as it might be his last. It would mean the world to him. I'm willing to pay whatever it takes to get a few bottles shipped to me because the memories they evoke are absolutely priceless. Thank you so much! Kathryn. Kathrynrbahl@gmail.com

July 18 2015
Mr Graham is absolutely right. Inter-island rivalries and jealousies even exist in the Southern Group where the islands are close together. Of course, one has to remember that the Cook Islands as a single entity was an English invention. The northern group had nothing to do with the Southern Group at all before they were all lumped together as the 'Cook Islands'. Quite a different matter with Samoa, just two big islands reasonably close together. Kuki Boy.

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