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Last update: October 17 2016
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October 7 2016
You hit the nail on the head Ben. The Playboy of the Central Pacific (Henry) has surpassed himself by ignoring the 4000 petitioners who called for a 'no' for the fishing deal with Europe (read Spain). If the population of the Cooks is still 18,000 then at least a quarter of the adult population (petition signers) is against the idea. What does Henry think 'democracy' means? Or has he even heard of the word? Kuki Boy.

October 4 2016
What has happened to Henry Puna? Here he is ignoring a 4000 signature petition against signing a purse seining fishing deal with Europe. Does he think he is Vladimir Putin or that dictator at the head of the Philippines, Duterte? Or maybe he is the latest incarnation of Piggy Muldoon. Tut tut. I fear for us Cook Islands. Ben T.

September 2 2016
I am considering a move to Rarotonga. Of course, I've been looking at various websites about living and working there, but I would love to hear from anyone who has made the move and get a first-hand, personal account of things like steps you had to take, finding a place to live, daily living, things you didn't expect, etc. You can e-mail me directly at cjhaugen4008@live.com. Cheers! Carrie.

August 20 2016
Have you moved to The Cook Islands recently? Would you like to share your story? I'm an Australian-based producer/director with US TV show House Hunters International, the most popular property show in the world. We are always looking for energetic individuals, couples or families to share their stories about moving abroad. If chosen for the show contributors will receive $1500 USD or a free flight back to their original destination. Taking part in the show is great fun (we make sure of that!) and a fantastic opportunity to get a professionally shot record of this exciting time in their life. If you would like to see an episode there are a whole host on our parent Channel HGTV?s website. I've attached a link below. Hope to hear from you! David Holroyd dhol@me.com Producer: House Hunters International www.davidholroyd.net

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