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Last update: January 30 2018
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January 30 2018
Very interesting note from Manaaki. But I don't think it will ever happen. The current Government has testicles the size of a mouse and they would never be brave enough to go for something like this. Kuki Boy.

January 30 2018
It is a little known fact that every economy in the world is held hostage to the banks, simply as every single government seems to lack the understanding that a modern economy consists of two components - the money supply and the velocity of money through trade. Of these, governments only attempt to control the velocity of money (and very poorly at that). Should any government wish to really control their economy all that is needed is to take back control of the money supply to provide all that is needed to run a vibrant and prosperous economy. That said, in the Cook Islands, that would require the Cook Islands Government to mint their own money and/or adopt an e-currency. The Government then would provide the only point of exchange. By controlling the money supply - especially prohibiting banks from providing credit (does not include overseas credit cards), the Cook Islands Government wiould be in a position to print as much money as needed to provide all necessary services and create employment, sufficient to provide all Islanders work and a meaningful, sustainable livelihood. This, of course, is not a bottomless pool of money  as it must be managed such that the supply of money does not exceed the available labour or value of goods and services in circulation. There is one other corollary, that the Cook Islands dollar be tradeable internationally, otherwise there will be no ability to trade for necessary goods and services. That said, it is important to note that over time, as more and more islanders remain in the Cook Islands, education and subsequent technology proficiency will grow, reducing the need for importing technology. I wonder if the Cook Islands are willing to really try innovative economics and lead the world - especially those dependent nations trapped inside the international monetary system - hostage to the outside world. Manaaki.

October 8 2017 After watching a recent Country Calendar TV program in New Zealand about seasonal workers from Vanuatu working in New Zealand in vineyards I think it's time for New Zealand to dump the Cook Islands as a country with automatic New Zealand citizenship. This would stop unrestricted migration to Auckland and Christchurch for Cook Islanders and instil in them a desire to work instead of lying around picking up the dole in New Zealand as well as other benefits. The Vanuatuan workers work in New Zealand for seven months of the year and send most of their earnings home. Great people!. A. Pelargo.

September 16 2017 Hey A Pelargo. The current system behind the system is a-ok. We don't need the Papa'a out front when an islander with no formal nor pro-maori education is there to take the fall for all of our policies of non-policy. Akamotu there friend, everything's working out just fine for our foreign agendas! Thanks also to the locals in our pockets! Akamotu.

August 8 2017 I see that Tourism Cook Islands is not pleased with the new stricter police requirements on the testing of visitors wishing to ride motor sccoters. With some justification Tourism is worried that these new tests will have a deleterious impact on visitors and hence on tourism. The only problem with that is that, reportedly, the Cook Islands has the second worst record in the world of motor scooter accidents, beaten only by Eritrea. Is this really true? Ben T.

May 21 2017 Here's a question which I have never seen before.  Since most of the industry in the Cook Islands is owned and/or operated by papa'a why are there no papa'a in important elected offices?  The last I know of was Mr Savage and that was a long time ago.  Is this a case of rampant racism?  Why don't Polynesian voters elect papa'a?  Maybe a few would make a huge difference to our pathetic current elected politicians? A. Pelargo.

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