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Last update: May 31 2015
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May 31 2015
In a weird way Henry's idea of gaining complete independence from New Zealand has the merit of stopping our people from migrating freely to New Zealand as New Zealand citizens. This could mean they would HAVE to find jobs here in the islands instead of living it up in Auckland and having the fallback of the NZ welfare system. Of course it is not going to happen. Henry doesn't have enough votes and too many businesses have now learned to rely on hard-working imported Filipino labour. Kuki Boy.

May 18 2015
We raised our children in Aitutaki where we lived for 25 years. In 2000 we decided to relocate to New Zealand. My wife wanted our children to meet her side of the family and experience her culture and way of life, she being a New Zealander. We are in our sixties now, our children have settled down and have their own families. For us it's time to come home and retire, something that we are both looking forward to. Unfortunately it is not as easy as we thought it would be. My wife, being a New Zealander, is required to apply for an Entry Permit and undergo a strict and stringent medical check-up and pay fees which will cost us near or around a thousand dollars for the whole exercise. I can understand this Entry Permit thing being strict for people coming into the country for the first time. At the moment I cannot comprehend that this is happening to us. We even have a home on Aitutaki. Has anyone gone through this same scenario? Mata.

May 17 2015
I would like to ask the locals about information regarding an extended home trade (2 months). Could I do that on your bulletin board? I know our bulletin board would be a great way to do it! (methownet.com - our bulletin board). I live in a very small (900 pop) town in the Methow Valley, WA State. It is a very popular destination for the opposite in recreational activities compared to Rarotonga! e.g. We have 200 miles of mountain biking and cross country ski trails here. Any tips would be appreciated. I plan to move to Rarotonga eventually, but my first visit would be this year ASAP Pamela Floyd, Webmaster: You won't get any replies unless you put in your e-mail address!


May 13 2015
Can you tell me more about the Cook Islands Hura? Is the terminology the same as Tahitians, i.e., Fa'arapu, etc.? If not the same, what is the terminology for each dance movement? Please send the response to sivalife@comcast.net. Manuia!

May 11 2015
Kia orana. I'm an experienced Property Manager looking for property/leasing management opportunities or projects in the Cook Islands (Rarotonga or Aitutaki - but open to other opportunities). I have been involved in managing commercial, residential and industrial leases for over 20 years, both in the public and private sectors. I also have experience in land acquisition and disposals under the Public Works Act in New Zealand, as well as the management of infrastructural assets and some Body Corporate work. I have also managed non-profit organisation properties - church properties, childcare centre etc. I'm a Cook Islander looking to return home with my wife. My current property projects revolve around the Christchurch rebuild and I look after the management of properties from Auckland to Christchurch. If you have any leasing/property management projects in Rarotonga or Aitutaki that need looking after I would certainly be keen. I can be reached by e-mail om teri@urbanplace.co.nz. Kia manuia.

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