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Brewmaster: Please note that we will not publish messages which are not punctuated or those written in 'stream-of-consciousness' style with phrases separated only by a series of full stops. They take too much time to sub-edit and render into English. Also, note the guidelines above concerning Maori and capital letters.

July 24 2021 Hello. Thanks for the interesting website; I have not visited the Cook Islands yet but would love to if we are ever clear of Covid and allowed to leave Australia! When I lived in Britain I met briefly a European man who apparently ran the only hotel on the island (Rarotonga?) and his wife, a local princess. I donŐt know the year but would have been late 1970s. Their description of life on the island(s) sounded so idyllic. I do not suppose anyone would know who the couple were? Thanks. Keep safe. Philip Etherington (Perth, Australia), petherington@aapt.net.au .

February 1 2021 My name is Michael and I am an ethusiastic collector of flags. My main subject of interest is the countries or regions that aren't recognised by the UN. This logically leads me to your address. Would it be possible to send me a flag of your country? Any size or shape would be very much appreciated. My address is: Michael Tarek Feil, Schlossgasse 34, 71560 Sulzbach, Germany.

January 24 2021 My name is Amie and I am from Auckland, New Zealand. I am trying to find the death notices for my Great-Aunty who was born and lived on Rarotonga - her name was Parutu (known to us as Tira, spelling may be incorrect) Whalen who was married to my Great-Uncle, Alec Whalen. They lived in Avana. Uncle Alec's Sister, Hazel recently passed away. Any assistance you could provide in helping me find the notices of their deaths would mean a lot to the family as we continue to build our family tree for future generations. amiet@vetwest.com.au.

July 27 2020 I am looking for contact information of Richard or Susan Russell. Last known address of Susan Russell is New Zealand. Last known address of Richard Russell is Perth Australia. Richard grew up on Rarotonga beginning at age 2 in 1993. Please send any information to Mark Russell at smrussell01@yahoo.com. Thank you.

May 14 2020 Greetings of good health! In these times of heightened environmental and health consciousness, addressing the problems arising due to the recent and ongoing pandemic is of paramount concern more than anything else. With the shelter-in-place and stay-at-home orders, we are restricted from unnecessarily going outside. Furthermore, countries have imposed travel restrictions and bans. I always have the desire and dream to travel the world if I have the time and resources. More importantly, I feel and think that there is a need for cultural understanding and international understanding in order to develop tolerance to differences and acceptance of diversity. And I want to start it with myself, with your help. I am collecting flags from all over the world and I will be more than happy to have and receive one from your place. Rest assured that I will treat it with respect, handle it with care, and receive it with a grateful heart. If and when my humble request will be granted, here is my address: Purok Thunder, Babag, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines 6015. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Grant B. Dungog.

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