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  • Aitutaki Lagoon Resort & Spa
  • Tamanu Beach
  • Pacific Resort


  • Etumoana Beach Villas

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  • Popoara Ocean Breeze Villas
  • Ranginui's Retreat

    Aitutaki from the air

    THIS magnificent and remote island is the stuff of which dreams are made. It is a triangular-shaped 'almost'-atoll rising up 4000 metres from the floor of the Pacific Ocean. It consists of three volcanic and 12 coral islets (motu)
       It was probably first settled around 900 AD and one of its great legendary Polynesian Outrigger canoediscoverers was Ru who named it Utataki Enua O Ru Ki Te Moana. Roughly translated, this means The Leading of a Cargo of People by Ru Over the Ocean. It can be inferred that Aitutaki was, therefore, the ultimate destination of one of the great Polynesian ocean voyages.    The first recorded discovery by Europeans was Captain Bligh on the "Bounty". He arrived on April 11 1789 and shortly afterwards the famous mutiny occurred. Bligh returned later on July 25 1792. He is credited with introducing the paw paw fruit to Aitutaki.
          The first missionary to the Cooks, John Williams, landed on Aitutaki before any of the other Cooks and there is a large, airy coral block church in Arutanga, the main township, which bears testament to his success in converting the people to Christianity.
          Life on Aitutaki moves at a wonderfully relaxed tempo which is why it is such a popular destination for visitors who fly in from Rarotonga for day trips as well as extended stays.AkaiamiThe lagoon can be approached in leisurely fashion in traditional outrigger canoes for quiet paddling just off the beach or in more sophisticated launches favored by foreign anglers who know its reputation for saltwater flyfishing for the fighting bonefish. More on fishing.
       The motu which are mainly at the outer perimeter of the lagoon are wonderful landing places for the day cruises available for visitors. The favorite islets are Akaiami and One Foot Island.
          You can read a detailed personal impression of Aitutaki and check flight schedules for Air Rarotonga which flies regularly to Aitutaki.

    Map of Aitutaki
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