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Advertising information - Holiday house rentals on Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Kia orana.  All advertisers on the site pay the same amount, which is $50 per month for a minimum period of three months in advance upon receipt of our e-mailed invoice.

For this they get a link from their listing on the Private Homes pages ( and to their own website.  If they don't have a web page for their property we will create one for them - a microsite.  There is no extra charge for this.  All we need is good quality photographs (about six to eight) in jpeg form preferably wider than deep and no bigger than 640 pixels wide.  We also require text for the page.  We can advise on this and offer suggestions if we feel the text is not user-friendly enough!

All private homes are treated as separate entities, that is, each needs to be listed separately and the $50 per month charge applies to each.  This is not so for a group of units which are technically either motel units and would be listed as such or, depending on price and quality could be listed under Deluxe villas and bungalows.  All advertisers also receive a monthly traffic report showing general statistics which give an idea of what people are interested in on the website.

All advertisers receive a monthly web traffic report.  If you have a microsite you will also receive a separate confidential e-mail showing average weekly page views received during the preceding month.

General facts about the Cook Islands website

The Cook Islands website at is the oldest and most comprehensive website about the Cook Islands. It was set up as an information source about the Cook Islands and contains large amounts of carefully researched material. It is used as a resource by schools and academics.

Its popularity has grown steadily over the years. On average the site's front page gets between 40,000 and 50,000 page views per week, depending on the time of the year. You can test Google's rating of the website by going to Google, the primary search engine on the Web, and typing into the Search field "Cook Islands". Success has been enjoyed by many owners of private holiday homes for rent who have used the site to show their properties.

For further information please e-mail .

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