Literature of the Cook Islands

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An Island to Oneself Tom Neale 1966 Collins, LondonAutobiography of hermit's stay on Suwarrow (Detailed, a little dull).
Doctor to the Islands Tom and Lydia Davis 1954.Bost., Little, BrownAutobiography (Thorough, interesting)
Isles of the Frigate Bird Ronald Syme 1975 Michael Joseph Ltd, London.Autobiography (Expatriate Brit, interesting)
Island Boy Tom Davis 1992. Institute of Pacific StudiesAutobiography (Authentic, interesting)
Miss Ulysses from Pukapuka Johnny Frisbie 1948.  Autobiography
Sir Albert HenryKathleen Hancock 1979Methuen Publications NZ, Auckland.Biography (Politics, history)
South Seas ParadiseJulian Hillas (aka Julian Dashwood) 1965Robert Hale Ltd, London.Autobiography
(Quirky, opinionated, amusing)
The Frisbies of the South Seas Johnny Frisbie 1961.Robert Hale Ltd, London.Autobiography (Robert Frisbie's daughter's memoirs)
The Lagoon is Lonely NowRonald Syme 1978. Millwood Press Ltd, Wellington. Autobiography (Expatriate Brit's lament)
Wild Life Among the Pacific Islanders E.H. Lamont 1867. 1994 Institute of Pacific Studies, University of the South Pacific, Rarotonga and the Tongareva Community and Development Trust, Penrhyn. Autobiography (Detailed, interesting)
Legends from the Atolls Kauraka Kauraka 1983. Institute of Pacific Studies, USP, Fiji.Myths and legends. (Good for myth lovers)
MakutuTom and Lydia Davis 1960.Michael Joseph, London.Novel.
SidewinderAlistair Campbell 1991. Reed Books, Auckland.Novel.
The Book of Puka-Puka Robert Dean Frisbie 1928. 1957 Mutual Publishing Co, Honolulu.Short stories.(Not to be missed)
The Ghost at Tokatarava and Other Stories Jon Jonassen 1992. Cook Islands Ministry of Cultural Development, Rarotonga.Legends.
Threads of Tivaevae Audrey Brown & Veronica Vaevae 2002. Steele Roberts Ltd, Wellington.Contemporary poetry and images of the Cook Islands.
Vaka - Saga of a Polynesian Canoe Tom Davis, Pa Tuterangi Ariki 1992. Institute of Pacific Studies, University of the South Pacific and Polynesian Press, Auckland.Novel. (Migration, historical)
Agriculture in the Cook Islands - New Directions Saifullah Syed and Ngatokorua Mataio 1993. Institute of Pacific Studies and the Cook Islands Centre, University of the South Pacific.Reference.
Ancestral Voices from Mangaia Michael P.J. Reilly 2009. The Polynesian Society (Inc), Auckland.History of ancient gods and chiefs.
Ancient Polynesian SocietyIrving Goldman 1970.University of Chicago Press, ChicagoReference
An Archaeological Survey of Pukapuka Atoll Masashi Chikamori and Shunji Yoshida 1985.Dept of Archaeology and Ethnology, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan.Reference. (Scholarly)
Cook Islands Cook BookTaiora Matenga-SmithInstitute of Pacific Studies, USP & Ministries of Agriculture and Health 1990.Recipes for traditional Cook Islands dishes
Cook Islands CultureRon and Marjorie Crocombe (editors)Institute of Pacific Studies and the Cook Islands Centre, University of the South Pacific.Large list of heavyweight contributors. A must read for serious students of Cook Islands history and culture.
Cook Islands DrumsJon JonassenMinistry of Cultural Development, Rarotonga 1991 
Cook Islands LegendsJon JonassenInstitute of Pacific Studies and University of the South Pacific 1981 
Discoverers of the Cook Islands & The Names They Gave Alphons M.J. Klosterman 1976.Cook Islands Library and Museum, Rarotonga.Reference (Detailed, scholarly)
From Darkness to Light in PolynesiaRev. William Gill 1894.The Religious Tract Society, London.Reference (Missionary position)
Geology of Rarotonga and AtiuPatrick Marshall 1930.B.P. Bishop Museum, HonoluluReference
Guide to Cook Islands Birds D.T. Holyoak 1980.Cook Islands Library and Museum 1980.Reference
Historical Sketches of Savage Life in PolynesiaRev. William Gill 1880.Government Printer, Wellington.Clan songs - reference
History of Rarotonga Taira Rere 1982.  
Islands of DangerE. Beaglehole 1944.Progressive Publishing Society, Wellington.Reference
Making History - Pukapukan and Anthropological Constructions of Knowledge Robert Borofsky 1987. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.Reference
Manakonako - Reflections Kauraka Kauraka 1991.Centre for Pacific Studies, University of Auckland and University of the South Pacific. 
Mangaia and the MissionSir Peter Buck 1934, ed. by R. Dixon and T. Parima 1993.Institute of Pacific Studies, University of the South Pacific, Suva.Reference
Material Culture of the Cook Islands (Aitutaki), TheSir Peter Buck 1927.The Board of Maori Ethnological ResearchReference
Nation and Destination: Creating Cook Islands IdentityJeffrey Sissons 1999. Institute of Pacific Studies, University of the South Pacific, Suva.Reference
Prehistory of the Southern Cook IslandsMichael M. Trotter 1974. Canterbury Museum Trust Board, Christchurch.Archaeological reference work
New Politics in the South Pacific - Essays 1994. Institute of Pacific Studies, University of the South Pacific.Essay on Cook Is 
People of the Cook Islands -- Past and PresentEd. by Kazumichi Katayama and Akira Tagaya 1988. Osaka City University Medical School and Cook Islands Library and Museum Society, Rarotonga.  
Sisters in the Sun - The Story of Suwarrow and Palmerston Atolls A.S. Helm and W.H. Percival 1973. Robert Hale and Co, London. 
Suwarrow Gold & Other Stories of the Great South Sea James Cowan 1936.Jonathan Cape, London.(Treasure, history)
The Cook Islands Ewan Smith (text by Graeme Lay) 1998.Island Image, Rarotonga.Coffee table book,photographs, essays (Recommended)
The Citrus ColonyMichael Bellam 1981New Zealand Coalition for Trade and Development, Wellington. 
The Cook Islands 1820-1950 Richard Gilson 1980. 1991 Victoria University Press and Institute of Pacific Studies, University of the South Pacific.Reference (Detailed, thorough)
The Pacific Islands Douglas L. Oliver 1951. University Press of Hawaii, Honolulu.Reference (Interesting, non PC)
The World of the Polynesians Antony Alpers 1970. 1987 Oxford University Press, Auckland.Reference (Detailed, scholarly, interesting)
The Art of Tivaevae: Traditional Cook Islands Quilting Lynnsay Rongokea. Godwit, New Zealand.Virtual reprint of earlier 1992 book. Reference (Detailed, thorough)
Today is ForeverJulian Hillas (aka Julian Dashwood) 1964.Doubleday, New York. 
Visions of the Pacific Ed. David Arnell & Lisette Wolk 1993.Cook Islands Ministry of Cultural Development, Rarotonga.Reference (Pictorial tour)
Weavers of Song Mervyn McLean 1999.Auckland University Press, Auckland.Reference. Polynesian music and dance. (Detailed, scholarly)
White Savages in the South SeasMel Kernahan 1995.Verso, London and New YorkTravelogue, Aitutaki, Rarotonga, Mauke. Dated.
Years of the Pooh-Bah Dick Scott 1991. Cook Islands Trading Corporation and Hodder and Stoughton, Auckland.History (A class act, thorough)
Allertonia - Ethnobotany of the Cook Islands W. Arthur Whistler.National Tropical Botanical Garden, Hawaii 1990.The plants, their Maori names and their uses
Cook Islands Maori Dictionary Jasper Buse with Raututi Taringa.Cook Islands Ministry of Education, Rarotonga.Dictionary
A Dictionary of the Maori Language of Rarotonga Stephen Savage 1962.1980 Suva Printing and Publishing Co Ltd, Suva.Dictionary
Kai Korero - A Cook Islands Maori Language Coursebook Tepuaotera Turepu Carpentier and Clive Beaumont 1995. Pasifika Press, Auckland.Language textbook.
Rarotongan Maori for Missionaries 1982. Church of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake City. Language textbook.
Cook Islands CompanionElliot Smith 1994Pacific Publishing Co 
Cook Islands - A Guide Norman and Ngaire Douglas 1987. Creative Associates, Sydney  
Faery Lands of the South Seas James Norman Hall 1921. Harper & Bros, New York Some chapters on Mauke and Rarotonga
How to Get Lost and Found in the Cook Islands John W. McDermott 1979. Waikiki Publishing Co Inc, Honolulu. 
In The Strange South Seas Beatrice Grimshaw 1908 1971 Books for Libraries Press, New York.(Weird, dubious, a curiosity)
Rarotonga James Siers 1977. Millwood Press Ltd, Wellington.A pictorial essay of Rarotonga and Aitutaki. (Dated)
Rarotonga's Mountain Tracks and Plants - A Field GuideGerald McCormack and Judith Künzlé 1995.Cook Islands Natural Heritage Project, Rarotonga.(Thorough, recommended)
The Happy Isles of Oceania Paul Theroux 1992. Penguin Books Ltd, London.(Short section on Aitutaki)

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